Birds of a Feather… Literally!

A truly awe-inspiring wonder of nature, feathers are like a bird fingerprint that can be used to identify a species. Adapted for flying, temperature regulation, protection from the elements, among many other functions, feathers are uniquely avian. Captivated by the beauty and wonder of each plume, artist Chris Maynard uses them as the sole medium and inspiration for his stunning creations. The pieces featured here are from Maynard’s latest collection of feather cutouts. The way each piece is arranged creates gorgeous depth and shadows that represent the lives of the birds who shed them.


According to Maynard, “I enjoy highlighting aspects of a feather’s form, pattern or color. If I am successful, I hope to convey some intimate sense of the bird that grew the feathers.” He is meticulous in his pieces for every step of the process- from coming up with an idea, to choosing which size, patterns, and feathers would best represent it. He searched through hundreds of molted male, female and juvenile Argus feathers to find all 26 letters to complete this feather alphabet poster, which is available for purchase! Be sure to check out his entire featherfolio and share it with all of the ornithologists, birdwatchers, and avian lovers in your life.


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