Unique LEDs for Xmas Shoppers in Madrid to Enjoy

For Christmastime in the Spanish capital of Madrid, the city council asks well known designers or architects to fashion festive lighting for the streets. This year Teresa Sapey Architecture and Design was selected to illuminate the streets of an upscale shopping street known as Calle Serrano. By combining energy efficient LEDs into vibrant, creative arrangements, the team constructed gorgeous, eye-catching rings of color. Each circle is unique and they are displayed in neat rows that brighten up the grey street, which boasts high end fashion designer shops and restaurants.


We commend the firm’s environmental conservation efforts in choosing sustainable LED technology for their lighting designs. See more projects on the website of Teresa Sapey’s Architecture and Design Firm, which was founded in 1990 by the Italian architect of whom it is named after. The firm focuses on designing structures with feeling and it appears that the lighting of Calle Serrano is another successful endeavor.

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