This is the Remix: Nostalgia Inducing Cassette Tape Art

Dear cassette tape, your days seem to be almost over. I’ll pour a little bit of my heart on the curb for you my long lost friend, with your sweet, sweet 60 minutes of repeating musical goodness. Sometimes you were an obsessively crafted gift from friends or lovers; other times a filling station purchase of perfect road trip tunes. You made me appreciate music like never before, cherishing each song all the more because I couldn’t impatiently push a button and skip right to it.


What is my favorite part about Benoit Jammes new series of cassette tape based art? Maybe it’s the seriously nostalgia inducing subject matter… or maybe it’s that he’s titled it [o-o]. Each handmade artwork remixes the now classic audio format: cutting, dissecting and molding the small tape filled cases into framed works. Each example carefully follows a theme: one example transforms a cassette into a floating cloud, another looks like it could be the tape based version of Rambo, and one is a clear homage to Homer Simpson. See more examples from this ongoing series on Flickr.


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