No Politics, Just a Joke: Satirical Art from Russia

Nothing is sacred in Victoria Tsarkova’s new series and show, No Politics. Just a Joke. She has taken key figures from the world of politics and culture, mashing them up in unexpected ways which are highly satirical, funny and even a bit offensive. The 20 works recently featured in her current show near Moscow is drawing an enthusiastic crowd.


The project objective, according to Victoria, was to make people smile and to relieve tension, creating that result using a strong political and cultural context. Few divisive leaders seem to have escaped her talented hands: we see Russian President Vladimir Putin as hard-drug user Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi as Mother Teresa; and the Queen of England as Gene Simmons of Kiss.

No Politics. Just a Joke. opened November 24th near Moscow and runs until December 23rd. You can see more about the show on Facebook or at Tsarkova’s site

Tsarkova puts finishing touches on her portrait of Berlusconi.

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