High Fashion Illustrations Get Animated

Tara Dougans sees “fashion as play, illustration as flexible and digital as opportunity.” These philosophies become quickly apparent in her recent series of illustrations which feature interpretations of high fashion work from clothiers as diverse as Thom Browne and Prada. Putting emphasis on the “opportunity” of digital, she’s created GIF animations of her large scale work specifically for the computer based world.

With her most recent imagery, Dougans works to explore the “intersection between handcraft and technology, static and motion,” and in doing so has created work which is just as avant-garde as the clothing styles she emulates. Her most recent works take their cues from highly patterned materials, creating figures whose clothes blend with the similarly patterned backgrounds. With hypnotic repetition, patterns spin, eyes move, and heads bob.


Animated works from earlier in the year were quite different, seeing Dougans create figures surrounded by mysterious symbols of seemingly religious origin. This fascinating Amsterdam-based art director and illustrator has much more for you on her Tumblr or at taradougans.com.

Tara Dougans with one of her full-sized works.


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