Mysterious Stories Unfold Underwater

I had the pleasure of seeing Sir John Everett Millais’ classic painting Ophelia at the Tate Britain recently – so that might be the reason these cold, almost claustrophobic photographs really stood out to me. Created by Finnish artist Susanna Majuri, each image sees a woman underwater in quiet repose – much like Millais’ iconic work. The images are almost unnerving in their quiet stillness, leaving the viewer to wonder if the works protagonist is dead, sleeping or stylistically frozen… only the story of Ophelia gives us the answer for one of these works…


Majuri’s photography is the kind which shows us just one clip of an active story in the process of unfolding. Her images are only a hint at mysterious narrative’s yet to be finished, and we aren’t completely sure which way the plot will turn.

Her subjects float underwater, surrounded in an aqua green while interacting with nature scenes laid out below. Often the images feature situations which belong out in the air, lending the wet environment an even more surreal and mysterious specter. You can see more of Majuri’s works at


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