Two Faced Portraits Capture Multiple Angles at Once

If Picasso had made his name using the camera, his work might have looked a lot like this. Like the famous painters iconic perspective bending works, these images seem to show us two sides to the same face at once. In each case, we see a person looking directly at us and a quarter turn away… the center two eyes merging into one. This impossible perspective creates the strange effect of having one person looking at us with not two, but three eyes.


Created by Quebec Canada based Ulric Collette (who previously made the immensely popular family merging series, Genetic Portraits), the series has given us yet another way to look at two faces simultaneously. All of Collette’s work is seamlessly perfect, creating a convincing image which though impossible, appears fantastically real.

Collette runs a Quebec based advertising studio bearing his name. You can find more of what he’s interested in on his blog or see more of his personal work at


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