Lego Birds in Real Life

Among other things, Tom Poulsom is Lego crazy. Those other things? Those would be cars and birds. He’s combining his three passions lately to create some really incredible Lego based cars and now has expanded into making collections of birds which – when placed in the non-building block world outside – look surprisingly real.

Thus far Poulsom has created three series’ of birds from different regions. His first was a collection of 14 British birds, from the Robbin to the Barn Owl; his second series was one of 7 tropical birds; and now he is working on a series of North American birds from the Cardinal to the very loud Blue Jay.


One day soon, Poulsom hopes Lego will pick up his designs and release them as kits. We’ve heard of airplane and ship models before, but bird kits for the avian lover is something all-together new. We like it. See more examples of his work on Flickr.


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