Foxes Hidden in the Fine Print

The images you see here were made by 19 year old Jade Phillips, an Alaskan artist who has combined two highly nostalgic and beautiful things: foxes and the printed page. She creates her works on the pages of Russian literature and newsprint, using sharpies and Prismacolor pens to mark-up the text into linear based shapes of the northern animal.

There is something distinctly quiet about these gorgeous works. The un-doctored textural backgrounds, looking almost like snow, give the foxes a stark contrast with their bold red. It’s a look which perfectly communicates a cold, northern winter.


Through these works and her other collages, you can’t help but get a sense for this artists deep thoughtfulness. She describes herself as a vegetarian, ukuleleist, activist, believer, dreamer, sleeper, lover, artist. Sounds like someone good to know. You can see more of Phillips’ work on Flickr or her personal Tumblr.


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