At Home with the Modern DJ: Photos by Chris Woodcock

The beats put down by modern DJs fill our lives each day with rhythms which give our time more meaning… and often get our bodies shaking in the process. But, how do these fine people live themselves? Photographer Christopher Woodcock has journeyed far and wide to answer that question, looking inside the homes of DJs, both famous and lesser known, to see their music creation environment.

What Woodcock found was a huge mix of living styles. Some DJs have huge music collections filling their bedrooms, hardly leaving room for sleep (who needs that?) and creating what threatens to be a vinyl avalanche. Others with a flair for contemporary minimalism, neatly shelve the medium of their work and instead fill their spaces with modern art and designer furniture.


The questions to answer here are these: how do these environments affect the music of these artists? Is there a pattern to be drawn between studio style and musical style? We’ll leave the audio filled fun of solving those questions up to you. You can see more of Christopher Woodcock’s photography in this series, titled Bedroom Rockers, at

Above: Will Eastman
Below: Laz-e-Boy

DJ Spinna


DJ Armegedan

Stevie G

Broken Window

Edan the DJ

DJ Ayres

Qool DJ Marv

Nicole Otero

Justine D


DJ Spinna

DJ Flack

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