Victims Of Sandy Unite To Return Lost Family Photos

When asked what would you grab if you only had time to get one thing out of your home before it was destroyed, what would you take? The most common answer after people and pets is pictures. Pictures are one of the few things that are truly irreplaceable. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Jeannette Van Houten was walking along the shore of Union Beach where her home and 200 others were devastated by the storm. She noticed a photograph on the ground of a couple attending a wedding and instantly realized her mission.


Van Houten collected as many photos as she could find and began uploading them to a Facebook page to unite residents in the area so that they could come together and return the pictures to their owners. Since she started on this mission, Van Houten has uploaded over 2,000 photos to the Facebook page and 60 families have been reunited with their precious memories. She proves that one person really can make a huge difference as she puts smiles on peoples’ faces after all of the tears this storm has caused. Read more about this inspiring story on

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