Sunrise Through the Mist: Beautiful Mornings in Poland

For anyone who wakes after the sunrise, you’ve missed it. Not so Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel, he wakes well before the sun to capture some of the early morning delights – fantastic sun rays shining through the forest in his home country and in nearby Czech Republic.


Strempel’s photographs capture something hard to recreate with a camera: the look of seeing this in person. His images bring back memories of waking early during back-country campouts – if you’re lucky, rising early enough to make a hot mug of coffee or tea. These are the treasured and fleeting moments of life – fog quickly burns away with the heat of the sun; sun rays quickly angle down into the forest. Strempel and his disciplined dedication to capture these moments brings us a bewitchingly beautiful collection, one which calls us back to nature where we can appreciate its seductive displays. See more of his work at

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