Awe-Inspiring Digitally Manipulated Photography

In a time when everyone is shooting thousands of photos with their cameras and phones, it is often difficult to create images which move us to silence and contemplation. Though his photos are digitally manipulated, Poland based artist Michal Karcz does just that. His moving scenery, combined with a warm light, provoke thoughts of a parallel world.


“Mysterious” and “massive” are some words to describe Michal’s portfolio Inspirations. Originally a painter, he retired the brush and canvas to move onto new software and tools available in digital photography. Through exploring with the technology made available to his art, he was able to create images that were previously impossible through film and development in the dark room.

“I always try to make an extraordinary picture,” Michal says, “and my goal is to make a viewer stop for a minute, to influence on emotions and take away from reality. Am I making it happen?. Appraise yourself.”

To explore more of Michal Karcz’ work see his personal website


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