Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Thanksgiving has become a staple of the American holiday and tradition circuit. People’s lives have become so hectic and demanding that it has become an annual reminder to drop (most of) what your doing, and share a little TLC with the ones you love. Thanksgiving has always been a time of reflection and one be thankful for being alive. The original Thanksgiving was a 3-day harvest feast held by the founders of the Plymouth colony in 1621, and the Thanksgiving we experience today is quite different than what early settlers were exposed to. 

It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way in the almost 400 years since the first Thanksgiving. In today’s world turkeys experience the full brunt of Thanksgiving’s wrath – with nearly 46 million of our feathered friends laying down their lives for our rumbling bellies per year – and some people spend the weeks leading up to the holiday contemplating whether or not they’re capable of pulling off a vegan Thanksgiving.

This is a stark comparison to how the first settlers experienced the holiday, since they were just hoping to make it through the winter months alive.

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