Hypnotized by Clones: Looping GIFs of One Person

Like a mob of cloned jesters, janitors and joggers, these motion GIFs capture an endlessly repeating chain of moving figures who quickly repeat the actions of those before them. In the case of the poi swinging fellow above, his endless actions overlap his exact duplicate who marches his exact path. Created by Turkish filmmaker Erdal Inci, the hypnotizing images were created from earlier video work he has been perfecting since 2004.


Perhaps what makes these images so captivating is their methodical perfection. Inci seamlessly weaves even the most abstract of motions together into the repeating whole you see here. For a glimpse of his brilliance at video, see the – at first – mundane video of seagulls at the bottom of this post. You can find out more about his these works on his Tumblr, or follow his actions on Twitter and Facebook.


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