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Sometimes with our ambitions we forget to stop and smell the roses. You may not know but Jessica Czeck and I drove 15,000 miles in 6 months around the USA in the Visual News Van (see the image of the van at the bottom of the post). On this trip we met many artists and people of all different walks. I learned so much about myself that I never thought I could. Jessica expanded my mind beyond what I could even think was there. She has been so patient with me and I would have never thought I deserved to be loved so much.

Another couple, Trevor & Ashly, left on a 34 day adventure across the eastern states of America and Canada and documented many of the greatest moments. This is their amazing story: (Created by

Mike Hedge has a series about adventures with his girlfriend and below you can see the first video in the series. Mike has been a great friend and is one of the hardest workers I know. He has worked for 53 months with a project about Burning Man called As the Dust Settles. You can see the first episode about his love story below!

Jessica and I would have loved to look back on our trip in an awesome video collage like the two above, but there is also something special in only having the memories that we shared. We are so glad that the above love stories were caught on film for everyone to see. It is wonderful when people find love and are able to capture it for the world to see- especially in a form less commonplace as a wedding. Out of all my adventures this road trip was the best one of them all! Thanks Jessica for all you do and thanks for being so patient with me. I love you! For all of those who are alone start by loving yourself as much as you can. The more love you put out into the universe the more that will come back to you. Have faith and you too will find love! In the meantime, this will help:

A beautiful quote by Jeanette Winterson from Big Questions from Little People & Simple Answers from Great Minds: (found via Jean Metauten & Maria Popova

“You don’t fall in love like you fall in a hole. You fall like falling through space. It’s like you jump off your own private planet to visit someone else’s planet. And when you get there it all looks different: the flowers, the animals, the colours people wear. It is a big surprise falling in love because you thought you had everything just right on your own planet, and that was true, in a way, but then somebody signalled to you across space and the only way you could visit was to take a giant jump. Away you go, falling into someone else’s orbit and after a while you might decide to pull your two planets together and call it home. And you can bring your dog. Or your cat. Your goldfish, hamster, collection of stones, all your odd socks. (The ones you lost, including the holes, are on the new planet you found.)

And you can bring your friends to visit. And read your favorite stories to each other. And the falling was really the big jump that you had to make to be with someone you don’t want to be without. That’s it.

PS You have to be brave.”

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