Let’s Get Retro Happy: Illustrations by Lotta Nieminen

These illustrations from Helsinki Finland born illustrator Lotta Nieminen, have a positively refreshing happiness to them. Perhaps it’s the heavy dose of mid-century nostalgia in their retro aesthetic, or maybe it’s the often intoxicating world-travel themes which so often appear in her work. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could take the most un-appealing places and – using her highly textured minimalist style – distill them down into something desirable and charming.

Since 2006 Nieminen has worked as a freelance illustrator, frequently producing organized, flattened profiles of world locations or making them into retro minimalist maps. She has also made a foray into fashion illustration, working with photographer Kristiina Wilson to create intriguing digital garments for svelte models.


Nieminen, who now lives in New York, has created work for Volkswagen, Monocle, United Airlines, Hermès, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, and Bloomberg Businessweek. You can find more from her at lottanieminen.com.


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