Children’s Photos Inspire Environmental Awareness

Children see the world differently everyday. Their vision is innocent and true, as they discover and wonder about the world around them. Children’s Eyes on Earth with support from National Geographic Kids UK invited children and teenagers to submit photos that portray challenges to the environment in a way that inspire elders to take action. Some 4000 photos were submitted from 90 countries. Through the judging panel a select few won awards and recognition for the photography submitted.


Below are a few of the thousand selected. May the younger generations continue to incorporate environmental awareness into their daily life as they grow.

Photo above: “Grain” by Sazzid Ahmed, 17 years old, Bangladesh.
Below: The wining photo of the Children’s Eyes on Earth International Youth Photography Contest 2012, taken by 8-year-old Russian Anastaya Vorobko

“Peaceful co-existence’ 9-year-old Darpan Basak’s shot of children playing in a stream with water buffalo.

Joint third place went to Biana Stan, 14, from Romania for “Fields of green”.

Second prize: “Emergency Exit” by Juan Carlos Canales, 14 years old from Spain.

Raghav Paul, 14, took a shot of migratory birds in India.

“Animals are not things” by Kristina bychkova, 17 years old, Italy.

“A monkey in a mini zoo”, taken by 14-year-old Eugene Konopleva, from Ukraine.

Mary Ann Tablante, 16 years old, Philippines.

Special prize winner Sophie Vela, 14, from France took this elegiac photo of a plastic bag caught by a gust of wind.

Agathe Giacometti, 13, France Balade le long du courant d’Huchet

Your Choice prize went to Kseniya Saberzhanova, 17, from Russia for “The last breath”.

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