Are You Suffering from Unhealthy Social Media Use?

The Internet has become the building block of information creation and storage in the modern age. It’s a place where we can create websites, publications, blogs, and micro-blogs; then transfer that knowledge to people across the globe. Social media has become one of the greatest harnessers of this technology — a vehicle that comes in many different makes and models – and provides us with a multitude of stellar platforms in which to engage and share this content. With all of this social media bliss distracting us, sickness has also come knocking on our doors. 

We have surrendered to the temptation — and in many cases addiction — to check our phones every two minutes to see how many likes our Instagram photos have, how many retweets our Twitter account got, and who commented on our Facebook posts. This sickness has permeated our lives with the sweet familiar stench which only a mix of narcissism and self-doubt can create. Imagine how some would feel if they posted something to one of these social media sites and didn’t get a single response? Would it erode their self-esteem, and completely obliterate their self-worth?

The characters portrayed in this infographic bring us face-to-face with these sicknesses, and shed insight into the types of personalties affected. Whether you’re an unabashed alert-lover, verb creator, or someone who would rather use the “like” button than ever fully engage with your friends ever again — there’s a sickness for you.

Click here or the graphic below for a full-sized view.


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