Charis Tsevis: Beautiful Obama Posters from Greece

It’s been a massively challenging election year, with plenty of twists, turns and mud thrown along the way. Now with Obama in the White House for another 4 years, his supporters are still celebrating the victory… but it isn’t just Americans who are doing the rejoicing, or who helped him stay in power. A large portion of the world population supported Obama this election, with people from Africa to Europe hoping for his re-election. Greek graphic designer Charis Tsevis was one of these people.


Tsevis was first inspired by Obama five years ago as he campaigned in his first election bid. Using his skills as a designer and the power of the internet he created and distributed a series of impressive supporting illustrations, posters and graphics. Since then he has contributed as much as he can. (continued below)

This year Tsevis felt he had to work even harder on his supporting imagery, and we think the effort payed off. His impressive montages aren’t your average computer-generated fare, but are instead carefully planned and created by hand from very appropriate repeating imagery. This year his posters, featuring the likeness of Obama, were featured by Democrats Abroad, Design for Obama, ObamaPoster and more, drumming up support and positive sentiment which surely led to further enthusiasm for our re-elected president.

Tsevis is one impressive fellow, with work for companies like Nike, Toyota, IKEA, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett and periodicals like Time, Fortune and Wired under his belt. He’s also done a TEDx talk, and authored two books about Photoshop. You can find (and learn) more from him at or on Behance.

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