We Love Friday! – Amazing Nail Art

It seems that since Pinterest and Instagram hit the scene, ladies are getting more and more creative with their nail polish. Nails are the perfect miniature canvas for artists and fashionistas to express themselves on. Although some of the most imaginative styles are not always the most functional, like the Breaking Bad set shown above by Kayleigh O’Connor, they sure do look awesome! Kudos to the ladies who can do these artistic themes on their own nails; I, for one, haven’t figured out how to control my left hand enough to even paint a solid color, let alone a masterpiece design!


A very special thank you to all of our featured Instagrammers this week. To celebrate Veteran’s Day, our theme for next week will be veterans. If you know a veteran and would like to see him/her featured on our site, capture a picture and tag it #veteran @visualnews. (Pictures of photographs of men and women in uniform will also be accepted.) Have a fabulous 3 day weekend and thanks for reading!

Above: KayleighOC Below: @missmelisande




















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