Starwarigami: Make an X-Wing and Others from Paper

Few things excite the inner Star Wars fan more than the vehicles of that galaxy long ago. Martin Hunt is one of those fans and has spent a considerable amount of time re-creating everything from X-Wings and Tie-Fighters, to AT-AT’s and the Millennium Falcon itself. Hunt has been progressively improving his designs, adding more and more details. His X-wing, which began as a fairly simple design, now sports a cockpit, defined engines and wingtip cannons. It’s so impressive he’s imagined these designs out of one piece of paper, you would think he almost had… the Force…


While Hunt has 20 designs completed on his site, he has big plans for the future – with a list of 83 more designs he’d like to create. This includes expanding on his current inventory of one droid, the venerable R2-D2. If you’re interested in folding your own Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire, Hunt plans to release a book in the near future with diagrams for each of his designs. Until then we’ll have to be satisfied with the first edition of his X-Wing fighter at the bottom of this article, or his prequel based Naboo Starfighter.

Here’s instructions for Martin Hunt’s first version of his X-Wing fighter (a simpler version of the example above). Time to give it a try:


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