It’s No Biggie: Satirical Animations by Thoka Maer

What better way to illustrate the seemingly unending daily obstacles we face than with an endlessly looping animated gif? That fabulous pho meatball keeps falling out of your chopsticks; the rain stops as soon as you open your umbrella; and that weird guy on the bus keeps looking at you just when you look away.


Lisette Berndt (aka Thoka Maer) creates the lo-fi, satirical animations with colored pencil, creating a sketchy re-creation of those rather life-like moments we all experience. The title of her tumblr based blog reminds us that It’s No Biggie, and though these moments can be annoying, they can be equally entertaining. You’ll find more from this project on tumblr or at

It’s no biggie
is satire,
is entertainment,
is you,
is me,
is annoyment,
is life,
is endlessness,
is here and there.
-Thoka Maer

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