Child Prodigy Sisters Astonish the Art World

For most ten year olds, it’s an honor if their paintings make the refrigerator, but for child prodigy sisters Victoria and Zoe Yin, paintings can sell for up to $30,000. Although their styles are different: Victoria’s reminiscent of Salvador Dali and Zoe’s often compared to Henry Matisse or Pablo Picasso, they are both epically talented and thus highly valued in the art world. Both sisters began drawing when they were only one year old.


Victoria, now 14, broke out in the international art scene when she was just ten years old. In her paintings, she “captures her fascination with science, mythology, religion and the future of civilization in a surrealistic motif,” which many artists could spend a lifetime trying to master. Hearing her speak, it is hard to believe that she is only 14. She is two grades ahead of her age in school and aside from painting, she is a gifted in poetry, songwriting, music and all major subjects. She has achieved international fame for her poetry as well, receiving multiple Editors’ Choice awards from the International Library of Poetry and Poetry.

Following in her sister’s footsteps Zoe Yin, now 11, was the youngest member ever inducted into the Andover Artist Guild at the ripe age of 6. At age 8, she broke the record for youngest artist ever to exhibit in the International Art Expo. Her genius extends to visual art, music, and literature- especially writing. Zoe’s work has been featured in galleries across the United States since age 9 and went global at age 10.

Zoe Yin, age 9

Both sisters received the prestigious Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship from the National Association for Gifted Education and the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education; Victoria at age 9 and Zoe was the youngest ever at age 8. See their astonishing collections at and

Victoria Yin, age 12

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