Typies Literally Launched All Over Barcelona

To mark Typie’s product launch they invited people on the streets of Barcelona to literally launch each letter of their cushion alphabet onto a moving couch with wheels! They filmed the entire experience from A to Z in one day from the beach to the plazas and every side street in between, then edited it into this awesome, fun video. One handed or two, between the legs or over the head, the throwing techniques were as different as the people who threw them. They used B for Ben, J for Jessica, P for Paul, etc. A unique cushion for each person’s initial.The last letter was thrown through Typie’s creator Soraia Balelo’s balcony window.


Soraia Balelo grew up in Portugal, where she was surrounded by the crafts made by her mother and grandmother. She began sewing outfits for her dolls out of socks by the age of 6. In 2006, she moved to Barcelona to study Industrial Design, but she was led back to her passion of handmade crafts. She began working on her very own cushion collection, inspired by her “love for fabric, fashion and Barcelona’s stylish people.”

Now Typies are available in every letter, small and large, striped on front with a choice between a solid mustard or violet background, and make a perfect, stylish addition to any home. Spread the handmade love and support an artist following her dreams by giving a Typie to someone special.

The Typies website is just as fun as the video, with an amusing little description of each letter, held by a fashionable Barcelonian. Special thanks to Killian Cooper of Hungry Castle for sharing this with us.

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