Transforming the City: SpY’s Urban Interventions

Here on Visual News we’ve covered artwork which seemingly transforms the urban environment, from digital reworking to finely crafted models these scenes create surreal scenes which demand a bit of exploration to make sense of… or realize they just don’t make sense. Madrid based street artist SpY does something all of these examples neglect: he does it for real.

With graffiti work dating back to the mid-1980s, SpY has been well established on the street art scene. It was only in later years however, that he began to transform the urban landscape with works that interfere with our observing senses and create something wholly unexpected. The purpose behind his works? His website explains:

“SpY’s pieces want to be a parenthesis in the automated inertia of the urban dweller. They are pinches of intention, hidden in a corner for whoever wants to let himself be surprised.”

As this sort of wake up call, SpY’s pieces work to enlighten chance observers through the surprise of their unexpected appearance. Through this they bringing about questions of how we perceive society and beg us to have more fun with it. See more of this series, called Interventions, at


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