The Essence of Being: Spiritual Photomanipulation

The moment I saw these incredible works of art, I was immediately transplanted back to Fractal Nation at Burning Man. Cameron Gray’s art is like a new wave, digital version of Alex Gray’s astounding collection. His images capture what I believe to be the essence of existence. Cameron Gray seems to be tapping in to a porthole that many have never experienced. From what I’ve seen, the majority of visionary art is made up of loving beings with good intentions; nothing to be feared. Is he seeing the future of us or could he be seeing the ones that created all of this? Taking psychedelic visions into the digital realm makes it feel like we could be living in the Singularity or a simulated universe.


Cameron Gray is an Australian graphic artist and photographer with quite an impressive CV. Seven years ago, at the age of 21 he published his first book of his collections, Parable Visions, and has since published 4 more. He has worked with many magazines, authors, musicians, and film studios, and received numerous awards for his artwork. See more of his awe-inspiring pieces on deviantART.

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