Lushlife: Rapper Uses Heads of Cardboard Lyrics

We’re definitely loving this new and infectious single by South Philly based rapper Lushlife… as much for the creative video as the catchy rhymes. What really makes the video stand out is the creative display of the songs lyrics: all 188 words handmade into 3D cardboard hats.

Using discarded cardboard from local grocery stores, Lushlife and his crew used hot glue guns and paint pens to create the massive lineup of words… some stretching to impressive lengths. Then they filmed in 65+ locations using random people and a handful of friends to complete the massive mob of rappers. People at bus stops, libraries and even church clergy feature in the choppy edit – which flows perfectly with the song.


Proving that you can make a very sweet music video with very little money but lots of creativity, the crew put together the video using no computer imagery and it wound up costing them a bit under $80. Very cool. You can find more about Lushlife and his music at, or learn about directors Lamar+Nik at

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