Buyral: The Elderly Help Make Your Video Go Viral

Have you ever just wanted your video to go viral without all that worry about whether it’s really popular? Well Buyral has the solution for you! Using the combination of an ip.propagator and outsourcing to “clickers” world-wide, you can now purchase your viral clicks for the low price of $11.99 for 250k or even $59.99 for 25 million! They’ve got clicking farms doing your work in New York, India, classrooms and even retirement homes. Check out the video below for more.***

***In case you’re wondering: yes, this is a joke… and a clever marketing campaign from think-outside-the-box advertising agency John St. We especially appreciate the attention to all the small details here… like the “New York” based clicker at 0:35 who seems to actually be located in Kentucky; or their experiment with a Newton’s Cradle to get more clicks. As far as self-promoting ad campaigns go, this it top-notch. To learn more about their work, head to

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