Alexander Kent Shows It’s All About Perspective

Our view of life is often all about our perspective. Whether that is dealing with people around us, the often unexpected situations we encounter in our day to day life, or simply the way we observe our surroundings. London-based photographer Alexander Kent knows this well, using unusual perspectives and visual illusions to create work which makes us look twice and more closely analyze what we see.

His works apply this visual trickery through a clever use of multiple techniques. In some of his pieces he uses bright, bold paintwork viewed from one perspective to create seemingly overlapping shapes: for example, painted light appearing to ignore the objects in the scene above. In other examples, like the ladder below, he literally cuts objects down, giving them the appearance that they are sinking into the floor.


These conceptual photographs are an sample of his personal work, giving you an idea of his creative mind when he’s not working on advertising for lauded companies like the BBC, British Airways, The Guardian, Ikea, John Lewis, Toshiba, Toyota and Wallpaper Magazine. To see more, be sure to stop by


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