Seeking With Siri: SEO for the Mobile Search World

The web is expanding exponentially, and thanks to smartphones, the mobile market is vastly becoming a major player in this sphere. The mobile web is the fastest growing online arena, now home to more than 4 billion connected smartphones. If statistics hold, mobile use will overtake desktop traffic by 2014. This is an important realization to be made, because no matter what type of business you run, your audience already is — or soon will be — on the mobile web, and reaching them on this platform should become a priority.

The growing importance of mobile search is already being seen today. 90% of mobile searches result in an action such as visiting a business location or purchasing a product. People are using their smartphones to search destroy best deals like never before. They’ll do research from their mobile on the product they’re interested in, then use it to find the nearest location, and while at that location they’ll go on again and search for a better deal online, or another physical location nearby.

Apple’s Siri may not have revolutionized mobile search overnight, but it did ruffle feathers and have people voicing their frustrations about Siri and other mobile search assistants as being the death of SEO. The truth is that Siri presents unique challenges and opportunities for marketers — as does any new platform — but when approached intelligently, you can use Siri to your advantage.

See how to optimize your site for the mobile web with some best practice tips, and how to get along with Siri’s search algorithm to make sure you and your business can excel in the mobile landscape.

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