One Tasty Wall: Cake Icing Used to Make Street Art

Just when you thought you’d seen all the mediums possible for street art (from chalk to yarn), here comes an artist creating fascinating work with cake frosting. Shelley Miller, a Montreal based artist, has been creating some highly detailed murals around the city which at first and even second glance appear to be made from victorian era blue and white tile.

For most of her works Miller creates tiles of sugar and decorates them before affixing them to her chosen wall surface, using nothing more than sugar frosting for the task. Then in what is almost the culinary version of Andy Goldsworthy’s temporal works (which are often destroyed by nature), these sugar based pieces slowly melt away. For many, their dripping blue forms are the first clue that they are even made of food ingredients. As it simply washes away with the rain, this art should also keep city officials fat and happy.


Miller doesn’t limit herself to just his form of unique expression. She is currently working on a huge cement sculpture in the form of a cut log, molded completely out of old books. You can see more of her thought provoking work at her blog or her personal website.

The artist, Shelley Miller, with her completed work.


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