Compendium of Shapes You Forgot From Geometry Class

The folks over at Pop Chart Labs have done it again, producing another extensive, poster-based charting of beautiful information. This time though, rather than focusing on beer breweries or even celebrity hairstyles, they are getting geometric. Their new florescent design, The Synoptic Scheme of Shapes, points out just how much we all slept through geometry class… or maybe it just shows how much fun shapes can be when you aren’t getting tested later. My favorite part? I finally figured out the name of my long-time favorite shape: a superellipse.


The poster aims to be a comprehensive charting of geometric shapes and includes logically organized groupings from polygons, quadrilaterals, deltoids and hypocycloids, to triangles, rhombuses, superellipses, and many more. The chart helps to show the connections between shapes, visually demonstrating how many types stem from one another. It also serves as some healthy design inspiration – giving us many overlooked shapes to incorporate into our work. Head to Pop Chart Labs where you can order a beautiful, archival print of the poster.

Click here or the image below for a larger view of the poster:


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