Still Lifes From a Master of Paper

At first glance these still life photographs don’t look much different than the works of masters from the past – you could imagine Diego Velázquez, Juan Sánchez Cotán or Balthasar van der Ast creating such images in the heyday of still life painting. But, in these images something surprising quickly makes itself apparent: much of the scene is made from paper.

Fideli Sundqvist, a Swedish artist specializing in paper craft, has created the scenes with the deft skill she has gained over the last years. In that time she has been obsessed with all things paper – creating everything from the still life images you see here, to costume elements for portraits, finely cut collage work and child-like fantasy scenes made completely from paper. These images stand out from her collection of work, for their obvious tribute to classic masters and their more realistic subject matter.

“It feels that now I could continue for all my life and since it feels like that paper has so many options, I will never get tired. In recent years, I have almost only worked with three-dimensional paper art. I think it is wonderful because it gives the work a great variety. I work with everything from concept, design, craft design, composition variations, photography and finally to design the material. I become excited just by thinking about it now.” – Sundqvist in Strictly Paper

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Below: additional work from Fideli Sundqvist showing just a few of her many styles.


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