Having a Rough Day? Have an Emergency Compliment.

Some days it feels like the only things we hear are negative: from a boss wondering why that impossibly big task isn’t done, to a friend telling you about the spinach you’ve had in your teeth for an hour… or even your old printer whining as it eats the tenth piece of paper.

Well, have no fear, Emergency Compliment is here.

This benevolent website allows you to click randomly through its wide selection of amusing and endearing compliments until you find just the right one for you. My personal favorite? “You’d be the last one standing in a horror movie.” Yeah, that feels good.


The website is also one for artist/creatives to note… particularly for its clever marketing technique. The site offers two possible choices to click: “I still feel crappy” and “Thanks! I feel better.” When you’re finally satiated and in a compliment stupor, the “I feel better” button takes you to a poster of your favorite selection over at Society6. Additionally, new compliments are being user added, making the pool of witty sentences grow day by day. Now that’s a smart concept.

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