Our Exquisite Corpse: Beaded Skulls from Mexico

These sculptures are unique in being both joyously colored and surprisingly macabre. Coming from the country know for celebrating the Day of the Dead, each skull is created by the Huichol people of Western Mexico. Each is made of cast resin and meticulously covered in thousands of tiny beads. The intricate patterns originate from the Huichol peoples traditional art and culture in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

“The Huichols believe in the power of the Sun God, ancestral spirits and four principal deities – Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle,” says Our Exquisite Corpse, who work with the Huichols in bringing their art to the rest of the world.

Our Exquisite Corpse, an East London company which is known for their bespoke products from Skulls to lamps, has commissioned individual pieces from the Western Mexico artists and brought them to London for sale at LN-CC. Each comes delivered in a protective box.



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