Re-Ply: A Stylish, Laminated Chair from Cardboard

San Francisco designer, Dan Goldstein used to play with paper and make origami; now he’s making furniture. Also fascinated with the way laminated furniture was created using a vacuum mold, he combined the two techniques, adding some of his love for re-using materials and began experimenting with ways he could create a chair using a very underrated product: cardboard. His new Re-Ply chair, which is gaining traction as a project on Kickstarter, combines origami like folds and plywood like lamination with the often discarded material – creating a modern and stylish shell chair which is deceivingly durable.

As Goldstein points out, cardboard is strong in tension and weak in compression. Working with these factors he’s laminated 4 layers of cardboard together and folded them in such a way as to create a very stiff, yet comfortable chair. The chair is then bolted onto a simple metal framework with a rocking mechanism in the center, thus allowing the chair to align itself to the perfect angle for your body. The whole design emerges from a spirit of smart design minimalism:

“Every element of the chair emerges from multiple functions. For example, only one pair of bolts attaches the seat to the metal base. These same bolts hold the crease and allow the chair to gently rock – all in one move.”

With the speed the project is gaining momentum on Kickstarter, it seems sure to be funded soon. For only $165 you can have one of the first production Re-Ply chairs, made out of upcycled cardboard from local San Francisco furniture stores. How ingenious is that? You get a stylish piece of furniture made largely from the waste of a furniture store. Check out the video and construction diagram below, then find out more at

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