Rob Pybus Illustrations: A Maze of Colorful Character

Rob Pybus has a knack for creating extremely interesting illustrations to explore… perhaps because they don’t reveal their cleverness too easily. As if harnessing the mind of MC Escher when in a cartooning mood, his twisting landscapes skew perspectives, layering element after element into a collage of colorful pattern. The result is a near jolting dose of eye candy – the kind which surprises but goes down nice.


A fairly recent graduate of Brighton University, Pybus already has an impressive client list: Sony Music UK, Sony Playstation, Vodafone, Cannes New Directors Showcase, Hugo Boss, Intel, Channel 4, Red Bull, Lenny Kravitz, John Lewis and Audi to name a few. Not stopping with what he’s got, Pybus is currently working on expanding his talents into animation. It seems the perfect next step considering the masses of motion in his current still work. Find out more at


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