Midway: A Sobering Message from the Plastic Gyre

The arresting photography of Chris Jordan is the type which, once seen, one can no longer be the same. His work deals with mass culture: specifically the enormity and power of humanities collective behaviors. In his ongoing project, Midway, he deals with the shocking consequences modern society has even on remote and distant shores. Jordan explains his important project best:

“On Midway Atoll, a remote cluster of islands more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent, the detritus of our mass consumption surfaces in an astonishing place: inside the stomachs of thousands of dead baby albatrosses. The nesting chicks are fed lethal quantities of plastic by their parents, who mistake the floating trash for food as they forage over the vast polluted Pacific Ocean.”

Through the disturbing photographs you see here and a feature film currently in production, Jordan has taken the sobering project upon himself to let the world know. He hopes to bring awareness to the far reaching effects of our actions and how we, like the albatross, “find ourselves lacking the ability to discern anymore what is nourishing from what is toxic to our lives and our spirits.” His work is a challenge to recognize the power each of our small actions create as a whole. For more information on the project see midwayfilm.com.

The trailer for Midway, the upcoming film from Chris Jordan (warning, very disturbing imagery):

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