Video Games and App Developers: The Hottest Jobs in I.T.

Being a nerd has never felt so… rewarding. It can be said that Information Technology (I.T.) personnel are the rock stars of the Internet, but many think of I.T. personnel as being just a bunch of boring nerds who talk about modems and connection speeds all day. That’s not entirely true. Pretty soon these human pocket protecters will be whipping around the neighborhood in smooth rides, with tons of babes pouring out of the sunroof. They’ll also be writing the future of the Internet and bringing awesome new technologies to life in our personal and professional lives.

There are some sweet gigs out there for the I.T. crowd, and more than a couple will have you thinking of switching careers. A mobile app developer is looking at an average salary of $95,000. With smartphones and tablets changing the way we consume media at work and home, the demand for people who know how to create and design a stellar app is through the roof. Software engineers will be writing the future of the Internet, that is, when they aren’t writing about their average salary of $90,000.

The coolest job on the list has to be  a video game designer. The gaming industry is on top of the world right now, and shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. The pool for new talent to take a dip in seems to be endless. There are so many different types of gaming systems to design for —console, native PC, web-based PC, mobile games — that people can pick and choose where to expend their talents, and have plenty of room to find the right fit.

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