A New Magazine of Unexpected Design Creativity

We are inundated with design creativity these days, from ideas which seem practical to those that are totally absurd. But what works? The soon to be published bi-annual print and digital magazine, Works That Work, intends to be a periodical dedicated to inspiration and observation of projects which really work. Now that’s information we can really get behind.

How does Works That Work plan to share these goodies of knowledge? Through essays, stories and interviews, they will cover real-life examples of functional design in action – like food distribution networks in India; the legendary urinals at the Amsterdam Airport which reduce cleaning costs up to 85%; a story of what army chefs cook during military conflicts; and documentation of how removing traffic signs actually improves road safety.

The magazine will come to us in both digital (pdf, ebook, HTML) or print versions, giving a range of ways to enjoy reading and learning. It will be edited by Peter Biľak, former editor of dot dot dot magazine, writer for Eye, Print and Emigre and founder of Typotheque design studio and type foundry. Not quite fully funded, this project still needs help from interested readers like you. You can find out more about the project and order a copy in advance of the early 2013 printing date, at worksthatwork.com.

“Practical, positive, detached from artists’ egos, showing just works that work, from around the globe.” – Works That Work

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