Tattoos & Illustrations For the Love of Mother Earth

David Hale has a refreshing take on both illustration and tattoo work… many times combining the two into highly original and beautiful body based art. His tattoo work often revolves around something very taboo in the contemporary tattoo world: tribal tattoos. Hale however, isn’t focused on those cringe-worthy black ink swooshes we’re familiar gracing the arms of your local muscle head, but rather he works with the graceful patterns and iconography of the Pacific Northwest: eagles, bears and foxes in patches of warm color.

Hale has another style too, one which carries folk art influences, strong linear elements, highly detailed patterns and yet still channels that warm Northwest feeling of a warm drink on a cool autumn day. Perhaps this seems strange coming from an Athens, Georgia based artist, until you realize what drives him. He dedicates his work:

“to Father Sky and Mother Earth in hopes of a generation that will heal our relationships with that which brings us Life.”

With such a meaningful underlying principle, it makes you sure each of these works was created with both passion and heart. You can find more of his work at or at Love Hawk, the tattoo studio he owns.



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