Reddit + Face Painting = Bizarrely Addictive Music Video

It’s a modern tale of love found through the internet. The story of a rock band who found a face painter and together created addictive, visual magic like we’ve never witnessed before.

The Ontario based band is called Young Rival, and their song Two Reasons needed a music video. Using their passion for surfing the pages of Reddit as an ally, they found Michigan face painter James Kuhn while surfing the site and were blown away by his bizarre creations and personality. To give you an idea, Kuhn describes himself as “an artist, retired drag queen, whiteface clown, former nudist, born again Christian, average 46 year old guy…well maybe not exactly average!” Seriously, what’s not to love?


The band/artist collective then teamed up internet style. The band e-mailed Kuhn, asking if he’d help out with their project and he said “yes.” The band was physically mailed CDs over the few months that followed, each containing a video of Kuhn lip-synching performances, which they edited into the wild final video you see below. Internet collaboration at its best!


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