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Photoshop was one of my favorite procrastination tools in college. Anytime I had an important paper to write or test to study for, I would use it to superimpose my head on to Sports Illustrated swimsuit models’ bodies for Spring Break motivation. Unfortunately I never reached the skill level of these talented Redditors. If you are a photoshop expert or just enjoy the magical humor that photoshoppers bring, allow me to introduce you to an amazing sub-reddit: r/photoshopbattles.


Each week in this amusing sub-reddit, there is a Photoshop Battle. An image is submitted by the winner of the previous week and the participants compete to see who can manipulate the image the best. The winner, decided by the most up-votes, receives Reddit flair and control of the next battle image. Battle #37 ends tomorrow, so vote up your favorite or enter the contest.

Above: Battle #35 and winning submission redditor nemjersatyr
Below: Battle #34 Original image

Battle #34 winning entry by Reddit user DaminDrexil

Battle #25

Battle #25 winning entry by genijalac

Battle #29:

Battle #29 winning entry by redditor colacube

Battle #12

Battle #12 winning entry by redditor plasticbinder

Battle #10

Battle #10 winning entry by redditor StickDoctor

Battle #37 will end on Friday. Enter and/or vote on Reddit.

Battle #37 entry by redditor miguelcoma

Battle #37 entry by redditor RunningMoto

Battle #37 entry by redditor pablito_andorra

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