Star Wars in Medieval Manuscripts

With the massive appeal and popularity of Star Wars, one could almost believe it was a religion. Fans have flocked to movie openings for decades, adorning the symbols and clothes of their passion, while spending hours studying each and every detail of the movie’s storied history. Now Bangkok based illustrator Chawakarn Kongprasert has taken that concept to the limit, creating late medieval-like religious imagery using the characters from the film itself.


In each illustration, characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Princess Leia are given glowing halos of gold and surrounded by altarpiece or manuscript like detailing of a similarly gilt finish. Their poses, particularly their hands, are distinctly stiff and bent in the typical fashion seen over five centuries ago… in fact, it almost looks as if these things happened “a long time ago, in a galaxy…” well, maybe in northern Italy. You can see more of Kongprasert’s pitch perfect work on Behance.

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