Pony Tales: A Story About Horses

Did you know that ponies are six times more likely than other farm animals to falling victim to addiction, abuse, and neglect and eight times more likely to be suffering from some sort of financial ruin? Probably not because the sweet sounds of Sarah McLachlan have never been the soundtrack for a suffering pony commercial, but one fine pony advocate named Jay Speiden has taken it on himself to raise awareness for these tiny horses and you can help! By donating to Speiden’s Kickstarter you can make a difference in the life of one special pony named Palomino.


If Jay Speiden and Jeff Stewart reach their goal by November 2nd, 2012, Season One of Pony Tales: A Story About Horses can begin and the world will be a more magical place. We must find out what happens after “the sheltered life of a young pony is shattered when madness and financial ruin force him to leave the farm where he grew up.” Please visit their Kickstarter page, check out the plan, and donate whatever you can. If you don’t help the ponies, who will?

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