An Annual Report Expressed with Contemporary Art

Some of the most interesting ideas come from the merging of many different concepts. In the case of this new advertisement from Germany based ad agency Jung von Matt, they have combined installation art, the infographic and their specialty, advertising. The result is one very different way to display their client L-Bank’s Annual Report.

What looks to be a contemporary art exhibit is actually a large scale data visualization. Figures for 8 business segments are displayed through installations using objects like balloons, doors and even large scale Legos. The concept behind the “exhibit” was to create an annual report which allowed viewers to take “a walk through a museum.”


The piece is mainly interesting for two reasons; one, for its creative merging of large scale objects and data visualization, something we’d like to see more of; and two, in its use of contemporary sculpture in advertising. It’s an idea which is certain to be controversial in its expropriation of another expressive art form by the ad world. See translations of each display below (of questionable accuracy as I don’t speak German. – Ben).

358 thousand tons less CO2 per month

133 modernizations of schools, kindergarten, and sporting facilities

266 companies sit in the technology parks

356 approved motions to parenting money per day

109 business development programs per week

246 basic livelihood improvements per month

173 ownership promotions per week


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