The Robot Revolution is Upon Us

In less than ten years we will have full fledged androids moving about in our society. For those who can afford one, they will be helping with the tasks that have to be done so that they can spend more time doing the things they love to do. They will allow the elderly to stay in their homes; offering them companionship and assistance. They could even work alongside humans, taking factory jobs back from China and thus boosting our economy. The possibilities are truly endless and it is imperative, as we figure out new applications, that all of the ethical implications are considered. In this fascinating video clip, Reporter Carolyn Jarvis of the 16:9 show on Global News Canada meets with some of the leading experts in Robotics, showing how far the technology has already come and what the future will hold.


As we march down the road of robotics, it seems that we do it in part to understand ourselves, but it seems this might be a longer road than necessary with many potential pitfalls. Maybe meditation and prayer can strike a deeper self comprehension than anything we can build and take us to a level that we never thought possible. Every day most of us are dumping all of our identifying data into this machine (the internet) without asking many questions about what it could do with all this information once it becomes aware of itself. Personally I think we can strike a balance and coincide with the coming technology, but we really have to start thinking about the ethics of what it means to create transhumans and to build AGI.

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