Creative bookshelves

Are you looking for a new place to store your ever growing book collection? Instead of the the typical square box shelves, why not opt for something entirely different? We have featured twelve unique and creative looking shelves here that some designers have come up with. The designers come from all over the world including Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden and the U.K. As you plan the interior design of your next home, consider some of these wonderful creations.


Designer: Victor Vasilev

Designer: Tembolat

Designer: Tembolat

Designer: KKatz

Designer: Malagana

Designer: Kostas Design

Designer: Miso Soup

Designer: Claudia Disegno

Designers: Agusta Magnusdottir & Gustav Johannsson

Designer: Levitate Architects

Designer: Miron Lior

Designer: Måns Salomonsen

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