Compound I at Burning Man: Revisited

A couple months ago, we covered Kirsten Berg’s art installation named Compound I. Pronounced “compound eye,” it was to be built and displayed at Black Rock City for Burning Man for all to experience and interact with. With the help of over twenty donors, the project was funded and we have decided to do a follow up article on the unique art structure that feels like it is looking at you.


The art installation initially had a dress rehearsal in Berkeley, California and was then transported with a box truck to be installed in the desert. Kirsten Berg, her partner Mitchell Gold and a crew of five friends/volunteers helped set up the geodesic mirrored dome in about four days. With the heavy winds of the desert blasting the crew, things were slower than expected, but this is Burning Man and no one really knows exactly what to expect weather wise each year.

We have included some photos participants took of Compound I from this years burn. It was well received by many participants at Burning Man and there were constantly people at the installation, looking at it, taking photos and possibly discovering a secret door. The installation was invited to be exhibited at the Reno Discovery Museum and will be on display there in December of this year. Kirsten Berg plans to bring her amazing art to Burning Man again as she has for the past several years and hopefully this time with a grant from the Burning Man organization itself.

To learn more of Kirsten Berg’s projects and exhibits, click here


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